Spare parts for Esprit Venini

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Paolo Venini understands that stubbornly closing in on the defence of production tradition is anachronistic and penalising both for the sector and the district. Taking advantage of the great cultural, artistic and technological ferment of the moment, he breaks with traditional stereotypes by focusing instead on stylistic, experimental and technical research.

The exhibitions and fairs (the social ones of that time): 

since '23 Venini presents his collection at the 1st International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Monza. in '26 at the 15th Venice Biennale, at the Triennale in Milan, at the Quadriennale in Rome and at the exhibition in Turin.

Exhibitions and fairs are, first of all, sales and verification channels and, on several occasions, updating channels.

They are excellent communication tools on a par with the museums of Stockholm and New York, which have been exhibiting his works since the 1930s.

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ESPRIT 959.00

Venini 1970


The Collection Esprit was produced by well-known company Venini in the 1970s and is the epitome of an amazing blend of creativity and art of blown glass.

                Suspension with special spherical glass transparent

Ceiling half-sphere with glass  Esprit of crystal color


Crystal / Crystal
 Crystal / yellow amber 
 Crystal / light blue
  Crystal / black.
Details Stella Esprit 959 spare parts fo Venini Murano chandeliers


Avalaible sizeand and in various colors

Flower Esprit 959 available spare parts fo Venini murano chandeliers


Details of the large flower with typical push-in fitting

Precious chandeliers are among the most famous and preferred by the owners of luxury homes.