Donizetti red Murano glass chandeliers

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Donizetti murano glass chandelier red

Donizetti chandelier in redMurano glass and transparent crystal.

Murano glass chandeliers in blown glass made by our venetian furnaces 6 lights H cm 80 diameter cm 70

This beautiful Murano glass chandelier model called Donizetti is part of the tradition of Murano glass chandeliers made of red glass in the body and clear crystal corollas of flowers and palms of leaves.

The distinctive element of the category is the contrast between transparent crystal and red fused glass.

You can buy online directly from our Venetian furnaces, without going through the intermediaries of the traditional sales network. 

So you choose a quality product and certified at a price up to 50% lower than the average market price. 

Being articles of excellence made by hand individually by artisans, and therefore not industrially processed on assembly lines to mold, the size of the items reproduced may vary slightly.

Donizetti murano glass chandelier red


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red Murano Chandeliers


Tradition: blown Murano glass chandeliers directly from the furnace. We make chandeliers of any color and size also of other glassworks production

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Murano glass made with bright and vivid colors

Customizable shapes, sizes and colors

Spare parts also available for production models of other glassworks

Murano chandeliers

 Fabbrica Lampadari Murano is a particular glassworks, in the Venetian art glass sector.

The Master , with my team "la Piazza". 

Each of our products, Murano chandeliers, are strictly handmade, they are unique objects as they are not subject to mass production. 

In most cases, in fact, our Murano chandeliers are made following a preliminary study of the customer himself.

 Therefore, all the images in our online site, all the types of Murano chandeliers, shown in this shop can be taken as standard models but also as ideas that together with our experience, will help you make the right choice and best for your home.

All our products are handmade. This means that every single artistic product is special and unique. Not one Murano glass article is the same as another.

The art of Murano glass is an old tradition handed down by our ancestors and there are only advantages in working and buying in this online shop.

 We would like to inform you that you are interacting directly with the ARTISANS themselves and not with any intermediary.  


  We do not have a show room or an exhibition hall. We are craftsmen, able to work Murano glass with our own hands. What does this mean? It means that you can ask for special, personalised products in your favourite colours or shapes.


Our main strength is to give our customers the freedom to design a Murano chandelier and then have it made.

 Imagine the endless possibilities for shapes and colours, for a lamp, for a Murano chandelier, table, or wall.


  Look and browse in this online shop you can see many examples of Murano chandeliers

 and then contact us, we are here to make the Murano chandelier of your dreams.

Why buy a Murano red chandelier from us ?

We always offer a wide variety of classic murano chandeliers to warm up the kitchen, or a dining room lighting, to make the dining room and living room exclusive, the bedroom, and also for the bathroom.

Murano classic chandeliers to meet every need of furniture directly from the manufacturer to get the maximum beauty at an affordable price. In this online shop Murano chandeliers directly delivered to your home.

Our staff, with over 20 years of experience is able to advise you and follow you step by step during all phases to identify the model, size and colour best suited.


The peculiarity and the main feature of our way of proposing classic Murano chandeliers is to identify the characteristics of the room where it is to be placed and create a custom-made product perfect for that space, it is easy to understand that it will look better than any other object.

If you need to illuminate more than one room and you have the need to buy more than four points of light that are chandeliers or wall lamps, table lamps or floor lamps please contact us before buying, we will make for you a custom quote at extremely favorable conditions.