Aureliano Murano chandelier crystal with gold


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Aureliano Murano chandelier crystal with gold

Aureliano Murano glass chandelier made in our famous Venetian furnaces Fabbrica Lampadari Murano.


This beautiful model of Murano glass chandelier called Berg is part of the tradition of Murano glass chandeliers made of clear crystal glass with rich inserts in 24 K gold. 


The distinctive element of the category Berg are the curved and linear lines that make this model very suitable positioned above a table or a piece of furniture to enhance. 

 Transparent Murano glass chandelier with gold dust inside the glass itself, decorated with calla lily diffusers and drop pendants both with lots of visible gold.


You can buy online directly from our Venetian furnaces, without going through the intermediaries of the traditional sales network. 


So you can choose a quality product and certified at a price up to 50% lower than the average market price. 


Being articles of excellence, made individually by hand by artisans, and therefore not industrially processed in assembly lines, the dimensions of the items reproduced may vary slightly.




Aureliano Murano chandelier crystal with gold


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