Lucente carezzonico Murano glass chandelier

Murano glass chandeliers of the Carezzonico collection


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Lucente carezzonico Murano glass chandelier

Made as in the photo with six lights, the Murano glass workmanship of the chandelier in question is called all-gold. As can be guessed in the individual elements there is a considerable amount of gold, in fact it is not possible to put in more.


The 6-light model is available with 5 business day shipping.


Dimensions :


Height cm 92 from the top of the crown to the finial.


Diameter cm 80


Viewable live via video call by appointment.



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Lucente carezzonico Murano glass chandelier


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Complete with chain and rosette to hang it from the ceiling  


Made with gold dipped within Murano glass in every single element that composes it.


Beautiful chandelier from the Carezzonico collection made of blown Murano glass with gold immersed in the glass, produced according to the renowned traditional Murano glass technique.


The flowers, leaves and all the various components of this Murano chandelier are made with the special technique of pure transparent crystal within which 24 k gold is inserted ('submerged gold technique)


This model, found in the halls of the most elegant palaces, and in the most luxurious Venetian and world villas , is a work of art characterized by a riot of wonderful flowers, leaves, curls, cups and bowls in Murano blown glass.


The Murano glass details worked exclusively by free hand, and by cane by Murano glass masters with at least 15 years of experience, make this chandelier unique and of absolute value.


Each of our products comes with a certificate of authenticity stating that it was made in the blown glass capital of the world: Venice.


Unique handcrafted products, made in our Venetian furnaces.


So choose a quality product at a price up to 50% lower than the average market price.


We are an artisan chandelier manufacturer, each of our products is made certified to CE standards.


Colors, sizes and light sources can be customized to your liking.  


We ship worldwide, with 100% insurance. 




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