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Modern Murano glass chandeliers
Hotels · 26 September 2021
The modern Murano chandeliers in this online shop are the most up to date for contemporary environments absolutely respecting the role of the master of traditional Murano glass.....
How the legend of Murano glass came about ?
Flats · 18 September 2021
The colour of 'natural glass' is green to bluish green. This colour is caused by the different amounts of iron impurities naturally present in the sand. Common glass today usually has a slight green or blue tint, resulting from these same impurities. Glassmakers learned...

Why a Murano glass  chandelier?
Villas · 31 August 2021
Because it is perfect for your home. There is something so beautiful and classy about the work of the Murano glass master. It is legendary and many people admire the beauty and elegance of all the works of art made of Murano glass. One of the most commonly appreciated works................
Formia International Murano glass chandeliers: Pergolesi
Law Firms · 25 June 2020
Pergolesi - Murano chandeliers by Vetreria Formia International and related spare parts

99.81 by Giò Ponti spare parts for Murano chandeliers
Hotels · 30 May 2020
99.81 by Giò Ponti: vintage and famous Murano spare parts for very colourful chandeliers
Lustres Vèronèse Paris
Offices · 03 April 2020
Véronèse Paris: Lustres de Murano et pièces détachées pour lustres et miroirs vénitiens

Spare parts im murano glass for Venini Esprit
Restaurants · 01 March 2020
Esprit 959.00 made by the famous glassworks of Murano Venini: spare parts Esprit flowers in murano glass available
How to order customized spare parts for your Murano chandelier
Hotels · 24 June 2019
How to order customized spare parts for your Murano chandelier, also for the production of other glassworks. Instructions for use.