Capri carezzonico Murano glass chandelier

Murano glass chandeliers of the Carezzonico collection


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Capri carezzonico Murano glass chandelier

Capri Murano chandelier Ca'Rezzonico



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Also realizable as from variants: for example the flowers all of the same color or the whole crystal chandelier with flowers 24 k gold or the whole red chandelier or.... 

Beautiful chandelier of CaRezzonico category in Venetian blown glass, according to the renowned traditional technique of Murano glass.

This model, present in the halls of the most elegant palaces, and in the most luxurious villas in the world, is a work of art characterized by a riot of beautiful blown glass details of many colors.The details in Murano glass worked exclusively freehand, and cane by master glassmakers Murano, with over 25 years of experience.

Each of our products has a certificate of authenticity that attests to the realization in the world capital of blown glass: Venice.

Unique handcrafted products, made in our Venetian furnaces, so choose a quality product at a price up to 50% lower than the average market price. 


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Capri carezzonico Murano glass chandelier


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