Giglio Opaline Murano glass chandeliers

opalescent Murano glass chandeliers


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Giglio Opaline Murano chandeliers

Murano glass chandelier made in our famous Venetian furnaces Fabbrica Lampadari Murano. 

This beautiful model of Murano glass chandelier called Giglio is part of the tradition of Murano glass chandeliers made of crystal glass opaline color. 

The distinctive element of the Pastoral category are the curls. 

You can buy online directly from our Venetian furnaces, without going through the intermediaries of the traditional sales network.  

So you can choose a quality product and certified at a price up to 50% lower than the average market price.  

Being articles of excellence, made individually by hand by artisans, and therefore not industrially processed in assembly lines, the dimensions of the items reproduced may vary slightly.


Brahms transparent Murano chandelier with gold


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opaline murano glass spare parts: holster


Tradition: blown Murano glass chandeliers directly from the furnace. We make chandeliers of any color and size also of other glassworks production

Opal murano glass Wall Lamps


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Opal Murano glass chandeliers


Opaline Murano glass with gold dust as well

Customizable shapes, sizes and colors

Spare parts also available for production models of other glassworks

Murano glass chandeliers are produced using the ancient techniques of Murano glass making. A Murano glass chandelier begins its journey in the mind of a master glassmaker: blowing the glass and using tools that have remained the same for centuries the glass chandelier begins to take shape. Murano glass chandeliers are exclusive, elegant, unique and perfect for any home decor and style. When we produce Venetian chandeliers with the ancient Murano techniques, the product offered becomes timeless and precious.  Murano glass is the ideal material for a chandelier because of its properties towards light. A Murano glass chandelier is the perfect opportunity to transform a vision, an idea, a project into reality and vice versa: Murano glass masters create Murano glass chandeliers exclusively for customers using hand blown glass and chandeliers lamps, ceiling and floor lamps.

Things to know about the island of Murano

The island of Murano – a kind of a small copy of the beautiful city of Venice. History of Murano has been going on for eleven centuries, and all this time, the island is famous for producing the most expensive and beautiful glass – Murano glass. The island is always popular and famous for its independence and rich economies. He had his own government minted its own gold and silver coins. This island has become a favorite place for the rich. He began to build luxury villas, built factories for the manufacture of glass. This is a magical island that gave birth to thousands of talented and gifted glassblower.

Murano glass – a very famous and popular and it is in the hands of a professional, it becomes a malleable material from which great masterpieces they are doing. This exquisite Murano glass balls, beads, glasses, mirrors, and much more. History of Murano glass, began long ago, when the monks decided to make Venetian glass jars for storing wine and various liqueurs. But it was not fabulously simple story, it was a story full of drama, betrayal, ambition and great desire to take a leadership position in glassmaking. Italic monks striving for beauty, marked the beginning of an era of prosperity, Murano glass. But not all is rosy and wonderful. Venetian rulers quickly vnikli in the heart of the matter and imposed a monopoly on the manufacture of glass, and for disclosing the secrets of making the death penalty. Full secret of Murano glass is still unknown and kept secret. Even in today’s world of highly intelligent technologies Venetian Glass – an exclusive individual work of the master. And back in the sixteenth century the fame of Venetian glass and Italian masters has become a truly world.

Now Murano – the island is hard working talented glassblowers. Here you will find luxury homes of the rich, will not find glamor and glitz, but nice little walk along the streets you can see many medieval buildings, among which you can find and visit a glass-blowing workshop where the magic is going to create Murano glass. For an interesting ancient history imbued with the spirit of the island’s talent glass masters. The uniqueness of Murano glass is unusual in its method of production. Everyone knows that Venetian glass is made only by hand, or rather the breath. In their work, the wizard uses an iron pipe, one-third of which is covered by a tree. At one end of this tube is the mouthpiece and the other – for typesetting pear thicker glass. The very process of blowing a fairly simple but time-consuming. Date of commencement of the end of the tube is heated at a certain temperature, then dipped into the molten glass mass and begins a fast process dutiya. In a coma for a glass is formed space, increasing to the extent that, as it is blown into the air. That’s so original and unusual way, and are copyrights jewelry, fine glassware and mirrors. Therefore, all objects have a “soul”, originality and uniqueness. Very beautiful vases are obtained, which are also manufactured on a special method. For their creation wizard takes Murano glass blowing red hot and placed in water, and then very quickly back into the oven. Thus, the product formed, air bubbles, and it seems that the magic glass boil. These gifts are in great demand among the tourists.

Today, as many a century ago on the mysterious island of Murano open new factories and shops. There are factories that produce extremely inexpensive gift, but there are those that produce only luxury jewelry. All of the masters of Murano signed and certified. These ornaments will be appreciated by lovers of the beautiful and unique.

On the island you will not find a single family, single person, are not associated with Murano glass. Someone in the trade deals her husband, someone’s father, and someone just likes to enjoy the extraordinary things made of glass Muranowski. By visiting this beautiful island, you will surely get a lot of positive emotions. A visit at least one store of the island, you will not be without some memorable shopping, souvenir or decoration. And the island is a wonderful Museum of Glass. In this building you will find many exclusive items that absorbed the sun, sea, all the power and beauty of Venice. Visiting the island, you not only get acquainted with the history of creation, but also rightly appreciate all the charm of Murano glass. You will realize that Murano glass – is a unique and inimitable material, which keeps all the brightness, gloss, shades of the variability of luxury. You seem to touch the history that was written centuries. Where it all: world fame, success and money, and fall and resurgence in popularity Murano glass. Here on the island of Murano, you can purchase a commemorative valuable souvenirs, mirrors, vases and ornaments. And here on the island, you can visit the rare example of Byzantine architecture – the Basilica of Santa Maria e Donato.