Antique chandelires parts

We have created a corporate structure to ship the glass usa

The particular market for Murano glass USA has led us to evolve towards the production of Murano chandeliers and custom-made glass in general.

We are a glassworks specialising in the recovery and restoration of traditional Venetian chandeliers, drawing on a significant stock of original parts and offering sensitive reproduction of missing parts where required. As part of this service we offer a wide range of high quality chandeliers from different periods.


Beautiful chandelier created by master Ferro for Barovier & Toso in the year 1952 in Murano glass. 

A special aquamarine blue colour for this Murano glass chandelier by master Ferro for

the world-famous glassworks Barovier & Toso This model of Murano chandelier.

blown with very difficult techniques techniques that require the commitment of

a team of 4 people. The team of 4 people commonly called on the island of Murano glass

"Piazza". Specifically this Murano glass chandelier chandelier has several parts that have broken over the years.

The owners of these Murano chandeliers have been so kind and kind and helpful and allowed us

to make this photo shoot.

photographic service to indicate to all those owners of a

Murano glass chandelier with broken or missing parts, a way to find a safe way to

safe way to find spare parts spare parts and the parts they need

in sizes but the most appropriate shapes and colours.



We made this: A photo makes much more than descriptions In the photos spare parts for high leaf-shaped murano chandeliers w ith applied amber and pink flowers and gold dust Blue pink and amber low leaves the colours and shapes are absolutely perfect.

It is not to boast but to reproduce spare parts for Murano glass chandeliers is much more difficult  much more difficult than blowing the same model every day You don't invent the techniques, you have to know them.


The Venetians

They are a particular segment of Murano glass chandeliers and due to their cost and large size we offer a spare parts supply service that is guaranteed for life. Even if produced by other Venetians glassworks