Bubble: Murano modern chandelier

Colour as the dominant element Murano glass in bright & vivid colours


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BUBBLE THE ORIGINAL : Colored Murano modern chandelier

Bubble series of modern Murano blown glass chandeliers with spheres as characterising elements, colourful, with the lights pointing upwards. 

Suitable for contemporary environments, bedrooms or living room and hall. 

Ready for United States electrical system, on request ready for any country without price increase 

Made with colours as requested by the customer or as photo. 

Available spare parts


“Arlecchino", modern colorful Murano chandelier


  • Always in stock

Component of the floor lamp in modern coloured Murano glass called :

cup or lampshade. 

the Bubble series, in addition to the modern Murano chandeliers, is enriched with a new component: the floor lamp 

As you can easily see the replacement cups can be replaced by both models in Murano blown glass coloured. 

The first model of cup, that is the one in blue Murano glass, can be made in red, green, aquamarine, yellow, light blue, or one of your colours on request.  

As for the second model, the cup with three coloured lines in modern Murano glass, the customisation features are the same, red, green, blue, light blue or your favourite colour.


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Bubble: Murano glass chandelier


The Murano Bubble glass chandeliers are part of the series of modern blown glass chandeliers, they are characterized by bright colours and rounded shapes made with the technique of glass blowing.


The technique of blowing glass is the oldest, in this way, glass masters could create objects that could contain food and drink. The first motivation for creating glass works, in fact, was to have objects of daily use, but soon the artistic flair of the Venetians began to produce pieces of the highest quality and much appreciated by the nobility of the time. Blowing glass is only part of the production technique, shaping any piece is a sublime, sophisticated and complex art, which transcends simple craftsmanship and goes beyond. By interfacing with this material at a thousand degrees and shaping it, the Murano glass master was often seen as an alchemist, and from this alchemy wonderful works have been created over the centuries. But the fundamental characteristic of Murano glass is precisely this: each work is unique.


The Bubble Murano glass chandelier is characterised by the presence of coloured spheres that distribute light in a unique way. It is suitable for modern environments, to give liveliness to linear furnishings and tendentially monochromatic and is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms or dining rooms. It is always possible to customise the colours to suit any dominant colour and to choose the number of light points from three to twelve.