Miss Albinoni murano glass chandelier gold edition


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Miss Albinoni chandelier in Murano glass gold edition

Miss Albinoni is a wonderful series of Murano glass chandeliers dedicated to a customer who decided to put one in every room of her Venetian villa. 

The predominant feature of this model is the large amount of gold inside the Murano glass.  

The model Miss Albinoni: 

This product is entirely handmade in our Venetian furnaces by master glassmakers, according to the ancient traditional technique of Murano glass. 

The Gold edition version in the photo is made by inserting gold everywhere when the Murano glass is still hot at a thousand degrees and more. 


3 lights size h65x50ø 

5 lights size h70x60ø 

6 lights size h75X70ø 

8 lights size h85X80ø 

with relative wall lamps 

1 light, 2 lights or 3 lights 


Packaging is done by vacuum plateau in order to avoid potential breakage. 

In the box there are assembly instructions (it is always recommended an electrician to make the connection to the electrical system) 

For visits to the glassworks contact us by e-mail or on Facebook page. 

This beautiful model of Murano glass chandelier called Miss Albinoni is part of the tradition of Murano glass chandeliers made of clear crystal glass with rich inserts of gold dust. 

The distinctive element of this category are the callas and the large amount of gold present inside the glass. 

You can buy online directly from our Venetian furnaces, without going through the intermediaries of the traditional sales network.  

Choose in this way a quality product and certified at a lower price up to 50% compared to the average market price.  

Being articles of excellence made by hand individually by artisans, and therefore not industrially processed on assembly lines to mold, the size of the articlesreproduced may vary slightly.





Miss Albinoni murano glass chandelier gold edition


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Murano chandeliers: the passion

Fabbrica lampadari Murano was born from the desire and commitment to raise awareness of the traditional techniques of glass working.


The offer ranges from the production of chandeliers style '700 Venetian modern Murano chandeliers colorful, restoration and creation of objects of furniture.


The classic Venetian chandelier is able to enhance every classic and modern environment.


Its shapes and its colors, peculiar and special, chandeliers of Murano, create kissed by the light and beautiful magical effects, make it an essential complement that can enhance any environment,


We are able to offer: wall lamps, flambeaux, floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling lamps and table lamps, we are also able to perform, both in style and design of the customer, any chandelier of Murano or restore it in an accurate way. The production range in addition to chandeliers ranges from gift items, vases, candlesticks, wedding favors, ornaments, bottles, classic Venetian beads and blown glass.


Each object is handcrafted and made strictly by hand, we focus exclusively on the accuracy and beauty of the creations, able to provide customers with a high quality product.