Esprit: spare part for murano chandeliers

we can supply you with spare parts from the Esprit 959.00 series Flower and Star elements

The Esprit collection was produced by the well-known Venini company in the 1970s and is synonymous with an incredible blend of creativity and the art of blown glass.

Spherical suspension with transparent glass details

Esprit 959.00 Murano blown glass chandeliers and ceiling lights in various shapes with flowers and stars in transparent crystal and amber colours.

Colours available flowers and stars Esprit 959.00 

transparent crystal 

amber inner crystal

 "The stars are holes in the sky through which the light of infinity filters. Confucius' words reflecting the natural luminosity of Esprit, in all its forms". Cit.

Art, colour, craftsmanship and uniqueness are the characteristics of "Esprit", a work of art created exclusively in Murano blown glass by the great Venini glass masters since 1970.

Esprit was created as a pendant lamp, but it is also available as a wall, ceiling, table and floor lamp. Composed of a set of hand-blown Murano glass stars and flowers, Esprit embodies the power of nature and light, an exciting mix where creativity and glassmaking skills are combined with a meticulous lighting technique of the highest level.

Esprit is an icon of style and design, a real object of desire that everyone would like to have in their homes.

Our company is able to supply spare parts in Murano glass, to bring your luxury objects back to life.



 Chromed metal structure

Spare parts for Esprit series available

in colours :


Transparent amber

Details of the large flower with the typical graft attachment

Replacement component Fiore Esprit for venini chandelier

Replacement Transparent flower with amber for Esprit chandeliers by Venini glassworks

Samples not requested Free shipping Europe

Since it is hand crafted, therefore not made with a mold, the size of the blown Murano glass pieces may vary slightly

Esprit Venini Chandeliers flower spare parts

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Paolo Venini understands that stubbornly closing in on the defence of production tradition is anachronistic and penalising both for the sector and the district. Taking advantage of the great cultural, artistic and technological ferment of the moment, he breaks with traditional stereotypes by focusing instead on stylistic, experimental and technical research.

The exhibitions and fairs (the social ones of that time): 

since '23 Venini presents his collection at the 1st International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Monza. in '26 at the 15th Venice Biennale, at the Triennale in Milan, at the Quadriennale in Rome and at the exhibition in Turin.

Exhibitions and fairs are, first of all, sales and verification channels and, on several occasions, updating channels.

They are excellent communication tools on a par with the museums of Stockholm and New York, which have been exhibiting his works since the 1930s.

Paolo Venini has revisited the tradition of Murano glass by setting up a marketing strategy, applying it and then adapting it to the results achieved by bringing his products all over the world, this is still Venini spa today.

Protagonist from the beginning in the Murano glass production district almost imposing the renewal and beyond any doubt the requalification of a multisecular activity such as the Murano glass art.Venini spa everywhere is synonymous with artistic glass made in Italy.

He revisited the tradition

The beginning of the year 1921 the lawyer Paolo Venini born in 1895 together with the Venetian antiquarian Giacomo Cappellin and the master glassmaker Andrea Rioda. 

La Vetri Soffiati Muranesi Cappellin Venini & C.

 Paolo Venini is not a glassmaker and has no Murano or Venetian origins, but he is an industrialist himself in order to qualify his glass products in the round. Cappellin is the artistic director in art nouveau terms, Vittorio Zecchin contributes to the successful debut of the Murano company.

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