Bobeches and Cups: spare parts for Murano chandeliers

Spare parts for Murano chandeliers with missing parts also from the production of other glassworks



gold dust


it seems obvious, but all our spare glass for this type of product are blown EXCLUSIVELY on the

island of Murano



Cup or bobeches: you can buy online directly from our Venetian furnaces, without going through the intermediaries of the traditional sales network.



Blown glass cups or cups for Murano chandeliers. we also make spare parts to customer specifications.

To create a unique Murano chandelier, which will delight not only the family, but also your friends you can buy the finished product or find chandeliers with missing or broken parts and buy from us the individual parts for chandeliers produced by other glassworks. In you can find and purchase all the elements needed to complete or vary the appearance of the chandelier.

All the different types of parts for chandeliers in terms of shape and size of the components.


They can be purchased wishing to enrich a chandelier or change it, or for replacement in case of breakage of the chandelier parts.

The offer includes not only Murano glass leaves or flowers in transparent crystal colour but also a wide range of colours, from opaline to smoky through to classic red and pink.


The single parts of the Murano chandeliers we propose are grouped by main types:


High leaves (with the tip pointing upwards)

Low leaves (with the tip pointing downwards)



Pastorals or curls




In a nutshell, everything you need to find the part of the Murano chandelier you need.


Murano chandeliers are a set and a range of models made of blown glass consisting of various components.

In this section we deal with the replacement bowls of Murano chandeliers.

Performed in accordance with the Murano tradition by glass masters, blowers with at least 15 years of experience, the cups or cups are nothing more than the blown glass diffuser that encloses the light source, nowadays in most cases a LED bulb.

The replacement cups for these Murano blown glass chandeliers are also available for models produced by other glassworks.

If we can help every owner of Murano glass chandeliers with missing or broken pieces to make complete again these beautiful works of art.

Murano glass is undoubtedly recognized throughout the world, both for its artistic value and for the technical skills required by the master glassmaker to realize his works. Another added value of Murano glass objects originates in the very long tradition to which all master glassmakers refer. From this ancient tradition originate unique and timeless objects, so Murano glass becomes an icon of Italian style in the world.

Over the centuries, the complexity of the creations has grown exponentially and Murano glass chandeliers are one of the greatest expressions of the artistic and technical wisdom of the master glassmakers.

The cups are a very important part, covering the light points and giving unique characteristics to the style and colour diffusion. Given the elegant but delicate nature of Murano glass, the need for spare parts has arisen, to replace cracked or missing parts. The cups, due to their thin structure, can be subject to accidents, thus ruining the harmonious structure of a Murano glass chandelier.

Each part that makes up a chandelier is a small unique work which is then masterfully assembled to create the finished object.

Thanks to this feature is now possible to order custom parts, replace those missing or damaged by time, restoring in this way your Murano chandeliers to return to their former glory, in the security of having an original piece, made with the same materials and the same techniques with which it was created from the beginning.

Clear Murano glass is superbly crystalline with no unwanted discolouration, usually green or grey, found in cheaper glass or recycled glass.


 The process for producing this perfectly clear Murano glass was developed by Murano glass masters in 1450,

Although glass is said to be as transparent as crystal, it is important to note that it is Murano glass and NOT crystal. This is why a clear Murano glass chandelier becomes an artistic masterpiece with a glamorous sparkle that you can never get from a mass-produced chandelier made of cheap glass.

Murano chandeliers are not cheap, but each one is a work of art and an investment but in any case a Murano chandelier is beautiful.