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Murano Style Chandeliers
15 October 2021
The individual pieces of Murano glass (we also provide spare parts for Murano chandeliers produced by other glassworks that do not provide this service) are blown and shaped by the masters with the experience gained over the years, following the secrets......

Modern Murano chandeliers
26 September 2021
The modern Murano chandeliers in this online shop are the most up to date for contemporary environments absolutely respecting the role of the master of traditional Murano glass.....

How the legend of Murano glass came about ?
18 September 2021
The colour of 'natural glass' is green to bluish green. This colour is caused by the different amounts of iron impurities naturally present in the sand. Common glass today usually has a slight green or blue tint, resulting from these same impurities. Glassmakers learned...

Murano glass Lamps
02 September 2021
Murano is synonymous with hand made colored glass. When used as a lamp the glow from the bulb illuminates the glass and brings out the magnificent colors and designs. In many cases the design is further projected onto a wall or ceiling giving beautiful and soft illumination to the room. The design of Murano glass lamps is vary varied. Murano glass can be used for the bases of table lamps, for the shades of lamps, for floor lamps, for sconces, pendant lights and chandeliers.

Why a Murano chandelier?
31 August 2021
Because it is perfect for your home. There is something so beautiful and classy about the work of the Murano glass master. It is legendary and many people admire the beauty and elegance of all the works of art made of Murano glass. One of the most commonly appreciated works................

Venice & Murano: the dualism
15 August 2021
The island once called Amuranium grew prestigious enough to be considered one of the islands of Venice, but enjoyed a certain independence from Signoria. That privilege

The Building of Ancient Art: The History of Murano Glass
13 August 2021
Because it is on the island in southern Italy, it has influences not only from Venetian glass styles and Italian art, but is also known to have influences from Asian and Muslim art. The Venetian glass is the foundation of this, with the decorations and patterns coming from ..........

Venetian mirrors give your room grand Beauty, elegance and sophistication
06 August 2021
The Venetian mirror style has its origin in the Italian beautiful Venice city hence their name. These mirrors have been crafted from hand blown glass since the Italian renaissance. Venetian mirrors are magnificent master pieces that combine beauty, and elegance in their appearance........

Venetian masks: The Mascareri
04 August 2021
Moreover, during carnival venetian masks reachs their greatest.....

30 July 2021
Antique Murano glass chandeliers are highly sought-after objects| Venetian chandeliers of great economic value.

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