Venetian Mirrors

Spare parts for recent and antique Venetian mirrors


Element s


Element S

Spare parts for Venetian mirrors with two through holes for nails or Murano glass head screws.

leaf 2 holes


Leaf 2 holes

Shape color and size as per customer's specifications also with gold and two-color

Element C


Element C

We produce blown Murano glass spare parts for Venetian mirrors

on customer request

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Giglio: Spare parts for 'Venetian Mirrors' in Murano glass then ground


Spare parts for 'Venetian Mirrors' in Murano glass then cut


Spare parts for 'Venetian Mirrors' in Murano glass then ground


Screws with glass head

Blown Murano glass head screws

Blown Murano glass head screws


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Nails with glass head

Blown Murano glass head nails

25 Nails with murano glass head


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Inhome décor, Venetian mirrors are great pieces of investment. You will be amazed of the difference this gorgeous decorative murano mirror makes. They are gorgeous and will not only enhance the beauty and sophistication of your room but in addition will transform theinteriors of any room making it appearbigger and more grand. They are also considered as symbols of status and thus go a long way in increasing the value of your house.


You can buy these murano mirrors online in our shops, you will find information about the sizes and designs of the mirrors, so when you buy one for your home decor you should ensure the design adds to your decor and is complimented with the design of the murano mirrors.

When buying your Venetian mirrors it is also advisable that you get one that is made from Murano Italy. 

Murano made Venetian mirrors are no doubt simply the best.

The simplest way of incorporating a graceful look in the bedroom or any other room in the house is by adding the fine Venetian mirrors. The best and original of these murano mirrors are produced and made in Italy and not any other country. They are strong,reliable,durable and have timeless beauty that never fades. The murano mirrors have different wonderful designs and masterpieces that are usually handcrafted by skillful craftsmen and artisans.

They are usually hand-cut and etched glasses that are adorned with multicolored flower-patterned designs. Etching of glass is usually done by submerging cut glass inside acid bath. The glass parts that are not intended to be decorated are covered with beeswax and resin while the parts that are intended to be patterned are left exposed as the glass is dipped into acid bath. Hand-cut and etched glass mirrors usually look wonderful when placed in rooms with any type of interior decoration, whether traditional or modern.

They are the types of antique mirrors that provide irrevocable idealistic inspiration in various ways. Ranging from their elegant designs, luxurious feel and aesthetic sensitivity, it is with no doubt that the mirrors do add the desired décor in rooms and homes. The mirrors come in different shapes and sizes such as rectangle, round, gemstone, square and heart shape.

Venetian mirrors have a very long interesting and impressive history. In the 16th century, various artisans in Venice came together to perfect the art of creating metal-backed reflective glasses and came up with very attractive mirrors. By then, the mirrors were only meant to be owned and used by royal and wealthiest families. The craftsmanship, devotion and quality of the Italian artisans was so strong that made them to be taken to Murano Island for them to be protected by heavily armed security officials as they came up with more advanced and secretive designs of making mirrors.

The craftsmen in Murano Island used salty water from the ocean, special flame and heat, and Italian Silica in order to come up with special mirror designs. Up to date, skilled craftsmen have continued to use and perfect the old techniques in making magnificent mirrors. Although the secrecy of making mirrors and glasses was maintained in Murano Island by heavy security, artisans from France and Germany managed to seek their way in to the Island and copied various techniques and skills. They also started to make special murano mirrors, but their styles were not as original and best as those of the Italian artisans.

Nowadays, people mix these historic mirrors with a number of styles of home furnishings in order to create unique, eclectic and personal environments. With their wonderful beveled edges, traditional gold decoration, imagery, stylishly mirrored borders and inspirational intricate etchings and considerably fancy designs, the mirrors undoubtedly offer a lot more than a sparkle of romance in houses.

They effectively add genuine stability and opulence to all home interior decoration styles. They are the kinds of murano mirrors that many interior designers normally use nowadays when making comprehensive interior decorations in rooms. Although many rooms and houses do have particular design schemes and colors, these murano mirrors are usually made in such a way that they never interfere with the room designs or colors but instead add elegance and attractiveness in houses.

One of the many advantages of Venetian mirrors is that they are very affordable. Unlike in the ancient days, they are readily available in the market today and can be bought and used by anyone. The mirrors help in creating a lovely illumination effect in houses. There are a variety of these mirrors today that are available in the market such as Freestanding Mirrors and Wall Mirrors. Wall Mirrors are usually used in bathrooms. They are positioned at strategic points where people can get to see their faces while washing their face or brushing their teeth.

They are usually hanged or pinned on the wall and are not supposed to be moved around the room. Freestanding Mirrors are usually used in bedrooms because they enable people to view themselves in full-length as they get dressed. Unlike wall mirrors, Freestanding Mirrors can easily be carried around the house or rooms and placed at convenient places. They also play an important role in beautifying the house.

Venetian mirrors that are made in Italy still continue to maintain the tradition of being fashionable, attractive, elegant, durable and the best mirrors ever. They give rooms and houses the desired decorative touch. When placed on the right spot, these Italian mirrors are very capable of providing a luxurious and distinct flare in rooms or houses.

25 Screw with glass head

1 pack of Screws with Murano blown glass head

 colour of the head transparent crystal glass

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 Inside 1 package of  screws with Murano blown glass head there are 25 units of product.


Note: As this is a handcrafted process, therefore not with a mould, the dimensions of the Murano blown glass pieces may vary slightly.

25 Screws with Murano glass head


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