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There are no spare parts for Venetian mirrors unobtainable
25 July 2021
Moreover, some Murano glassworks have longer delivery times than others. This may depend on the lack of Murano glass masters able to make them or the lack of willingness to provide them to you.

Formia International Murano glass chandeliers: Pergolesi
25 June 2020
Pergolesi - Murano chandeliers by Vetreria Formia International and related spare parts

99.81 by Giò Ponti spare parts for Murano chandeliers
30 May 2020
99.81 by Giò Ponti: vintage and famous Murano spare parts for very colourful chandeliers

Lustres Vèronèse Paris
03 April 2020
Véronèse Paris: Lustres de Murano et pièces détachées pour lustres et miroirs vénitiens

Spare parts im murano glass for Venini Esprit
01 March 2020
Esprit 959.00 made by the famous glassworks of Murano Venini: spare parts Esprit flowers in murano glass available

How to order customized spare parts for your Murano chandelier
24 June 2019
How to order customized spare parts for your Murano chandelier, also for the production of other glassworks. Instructions for use.