White Muranoglass chandeliers

venetian Murano chandeliers


white Murano glass chandeliers



Tradition: White Murano glass chandeliers directly from the furnace. We make chandeliers of any color and size also of other glassworks production

Wall Lamps 5 lights


wall lamp in white murano glass and finishes in pure transparent crystal. the important dimensions make it a precious furnishing component and at the same time the 5 light sources guarantee an optimal amount of light.

wall lamps 2 lights


Murano glass made with bright and vivid colors Customizable shapes, sizes and colors

Spare parts also available for production models of other glassworks


One of the most exquisite items you could have in your home is a white Murano glass chandelier, not to be misunderstood as transparent.

It will create a feeling of style and elegance in your home, and this world-class piece of craftsmanship will not go unnoticed.

Murano glass originates from a Venetian island located in Italy. In fact, it is believed that the best glass making in the world is done on Murano island and also in the municipality of Venice. The art has been practised since the 13th century, with glass experts creating signature objects, including jewellery. Murano quickly became an important community in terms of Italian trade, and this is still true today.

The preparation of Murano glass involves heating silicate glass to a liquefied state with intense heat. The liquid is usually mixed with other chemical compounds that improve the colour, texture and opacity of the product. During solidification, the glassmaker moulds it into the desired shape. Several objects could be moulded from glass and these include beads, vases and lamps. Historical documents indicate that Murano glassmakers were so highly regarded that they were considered important citizens worthy of the privileges that were reserved for the nobility. They were also not allowed to move to other areas for fear of selling their trade secrets.

Murano glassmakers in the case of milk-white glass still follow the age-old techniques of their ancestors, which is why it is very difficult to find imitations that correspond to authentic Murano products. Countries such as China and the Czech Republic have various imitations of Murano glass, but there are telltale signs that distinguish authentic Murano glass from imitations of it. For example, imitations are usually heavier and have less clarity, while authentic white glass has a definite feature that seems to come from within the glass itself.


When buying a white Murano glass chandelier, it is important to make sure you are getting an authentic product. Authentic chandeliers made on the island of Murano are likely to be high-end in terms of cost, which means at least $900. One of the things you can do is to make sure you have adequate knowledge about this particular type of glass. A visit to a glass museum, for example, could be very useful in teaching you how to identify Murano glass. It would also be useful to find out the names of renowned Murano glass manufacturers.


Generally, authentic Murano pieces that are created by Italian masters are long lasting, so you won't have to worry about replacing them for a long time.  This is done in an attempt to reduce the number of fake Murano pieces that are for sale. Older pieces have the manufacturer's label.

 Ultimately, an authentic white Murano glass chandelier will serve as a valuable investment and enviable masterpiece that will be a welcome addition to the style of your home.