Spare parts for Murano glass chandeliers from famous glassworks

If you have an old lamp from a famous Murano glassworks needing special spare parts, you are in the right place! We can manufacture and supply every type of component for Murano lamps, and of course complete chandeliers as well.

Vintage Murano chandeliers have become exponentially popular in recent years, especially in the style and décor of the home. One way to embellish your room is to install a vintage Murano chandelier made by a famous glassworks, perhaps even a discontinued model.


Upon entering your room and admiring the vintage Murano chandelier fixed to the ceiling, you will experience a delightful feeling of timelessness. It is like being transported to an atmosphere where everything seems to be perfect and aesthetically beautiful. In the past, the vintage Murano chandelier was used as a symbol of wealth and elegance by famous people and were produced by the most famous glassworks. They are often seen in the cinema and in documentaries showing villas, residences and high-end homes. 


Although some of us might disagree with the clearly classic taste of vintage Murano chandeliers, as they have an almost historical connotation of their kind, we personally believe that they have an absolute value in terms of durability and quality.


The timeless appearance of a vintage Murano chandelier is also a peculiarity in terms of value, in fact it will become more and more valuable as the years go by. For this reason, it is logical to think that the prices of vintage Murano chandeliers are higher than any other type of chandelier. Some of these chandeliers can easily reach valuations of thousands of euros.


After thirty years of work in this field and much research and consideration, we have identified three vintage Murano chandeliers as safe investments from which to choose with confidence:


1) 99.81 designed by Gio Ponti for the Murano glassworks Venini, this vintage Murano chandelier is a very glamorous and desirable object and a must have in your home. Made of Murano island blown glass in extremely vibrant and varied colours. Spare parts are available for vintage Murano blown glass chandeliers in any colour required.

What makes this product so great and unique is the great aesthetic component, of a beauty and style that goes beyond individual trends.


2) Ca'Rezzonico Flover Chic vintage Murano chandelier of the highest standard; prepare to be amazed by this stunning work of art. This Murano polychrome blown glass chandelier is a perfect example of what classic beauty is in modern life, featuring a riot of Murano glass flowers with the characteristic "paste" colouring. Murano chandelier parts available


3) Esprit made by the Murano glassworks Venini spa and designed by their style centre. Admirers feel compelled to touch every single petal of its flowers and every single dot of its stars to make sure they are real. Esprit conveys the power of nature and light. spare parts for vintage Murano chandeliers are available if required.


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Vintage Chandeliers produced in our Venetian furnaces according to the tradition of Murano Glass for sale online

The Island of Murano

COMMONLY CALLED Island of Murano there are actually 7 "seven" islands that make up the Murano territory.

The Island of Murano is also an inhabited centre in the Venetian Lagoon, located north-east of Venice and divided into seven islands; it is part of the municipality of Venice and in particular of the municipality of Venice-Murano-Burano.

With a population of about 4.500 inhabitants, the seven Murano islands are situated along the Marani Canal and are divided between them by canals and canals surmounted by bridges; their territory is totally urbanized.

Excluding the Sacca S. Mattia, which is still being reclaimed today. Two of these islands, however, are of artificial origin: Sacca Serenella and Sacca San Mattia.

This centre is however known all over the world for its centuries-old glass production.

Those present in these pages are an example of this