Bach transparent Murano chandelier with gold dust

Bach transparent Murano chandelier with gold dust

Murano glass chandelier made by the famous glassworks


6 lights h cm 70 diameter cm 65



This beautiful model of Murano glass chandelier called Bach is part of the tradition of Murano glass chandeliers CALLE made of transparent crystal glass with rich inserts of gold dust.


The distinctive element of the Pastoral category are the curls with drop-shaped pendants.

 Transparent Murano glass chandelier with gold dust inside the glass itself, decorated with calla-shaped diffusers and drop pendants both with highly visible gold.


You can buy online directly from our Venetian furnaces, without going through the intermediaries of the traditional sales network. 


You can thus choose a quality, certified product at a price up to 50% lower than the average market price. 


As these are articles of excellence, individually handmade by craftsmen, and therefore not industrially processed on assembly lines, the size of the articles reproduced may vary slightly.


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Murano glass chandeliers

The purchase of a Murano glass chandelier could be equivalent to the purchase of a painting by a famous painter or a tailored suit.

The Murano blown glass chandeliers handmade by master glassmakers, certainly contributes to the uniqueness and style of your home: the charm, elegance, exclusivity and glamor of a true work of art can be enclosed in a single Murano blown glass chandelier.

These Murano chandeliers enclose not only the immortal charm of the history of the island of Murano and the functionality of the chandelier, but also the craft of the glass master: together they create a unique work of Murano glass.

The Murano chandeliers are blown entirely with the cane, in a totally artisanal process, by virtue of this feature are customizable in shape, size and colours indicated by customers.

Centuries and centuries of tradition to create unique objects, true works of art that make a chandelier unique in its kind because it is handmade and therefore unrepeatable.

The design and manufacture of the chandelier is taken care of down to the smallest detail, right up to its realisation, merging creativity, craftsmanship and experience!

Any variation in a Murano chandelier is available: ask, and if we are able we will do it!!!


Murano is the most famous glass island in the world, geographically located in the Venetian lagoon.


To the processing of Murano glass chandeliers has tied its history and its fortune and the very name of Murano is associated with the most famous and desired chandeliers: the "Murano chandeliers".

This association is the result of hundreds of years of history in which the Murano chandeliers with its master craftsmen has defined the very concept of glass chandeliers making this material composed of simple sand Murano glass chandeliers desired and, beautiful and famous throughout the world, synonymous with exclusivity and artistic genius.

Witnessing the creation of a Murano chandelier, blown there and then by the master together with his assistants can seem like magic.

A few gestures symbolising craftsmanship and experience, apparently simple but in reality the result of years and years of hard work and teamwork by the "la piazza" team. A school made up of gestures stolen with the eyes of more experienced masters.