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 Murano glass chandeliers in the world
22 June 2022
Originating in Middle Eastern countries such as Syria, Egypt and Palestine, glass craftsmanship was later introduced to the province of Venice and many countries on the European continent. In the hands of talented Venetian artisans, this new craft of glass blossomed into a magnificent art form that would dazzle and conquer the whole world with its beauty. Although glass was not an entirely new material to the Romans, it was the glassblowing technology acquired from the Middle Eastern peoples...
The island of Murano glass chandeliers
14 December 2021
'Fioleri', the first name given to Venetian glassworkers, derives. The various types of truncated cone-shaped glasses called "mojoli de girlanda et imperlati e incostati", the ancestors of the tipetti, and common table and tavern glass, are also of traditional shapes.

Lustres Vèronèse Paris
03 April 2020
Véronèse Paris: Lustres de Murano et pièces détachées pour lustres et miroirs vénitiens
Spare parts im murano glass for Venini Esprit
01 March 2020
Esprit 959.00 made by the famous glassworks of Murano Venini: spare parts Esprit flowers in murano glass available