Why is murano glass special ?
Villas · 01 December 2022
Many solutions to illuminate your home with the art and elegance of Murano chandeliers. A 'wide range of lighting solutions from wall lamps to table lamps, from chandeliers to ceiling lights and floor lamps.
Why are Murano chandeliers the best?
Villas · 21 December 2021
The Murano chandelier is undoubtedly the most important, famous and, let's face it, desired object of Murano glass production and of the entire lighting world in general. Why a Murano chandelier? First of all, a Murano chandelier is not only ornamental, but above all it interprets the furnishing in a beautiful way. The visible, optical and decorative effect of a Murano glass chandelier, is very evident as soon as you enter the environment in which it is placed. It changes a simple furnished...

Why a Murano glass  chandelier?
Villas · 31 August 2021
Because it is perfect for your home. There is something so beautiful and classy about the work of the Murano glass master. It is legendary and many people admire the beauty and elegance of all the works of art made of Murano glass. One of the most commonly appreciated works................