Discs:spare parts for murano chandeliers Av mazzega and Vistosi















We can find Murano blown glass discs of any color you need. Also the related chandeliers and sconces.















The colour of the discs is what you are looking for to complete your chandelier. In the order notes specify the colour you want and we will ship it to you.

We can find Murano blown glass discs of any color you need Also the related chandeliers and wall lamp

Murano White & transparent blown glass disk

For orders over 1 product unit customised price

Murano glass   white and transparent  blown  glass disk(or disc) diameter  15 cm for


Vistosi Murano  Glass Disc Chandelier


Samples requested:   NO

Shipping:  4/5 working days from the order

 if you need more spare parts are avaleble on request


Since it is hand crafted, therefore not made with a mold, the size

of the blown Murano glass pieces may vary slightly

Murano White blown glass disc


  • Always in stock
  • Shipped within 7 days1

There are few Murano glassworks specialized in spare parts for chandeliers with blown glass discs able to offer you all the quality, range and versatility you need.

Among the many operators both in the production and in the trade of Murano glass discs on the market, some do not actually have the possibility and availability of parts.


Some Murano glassworks have longer delivery times than others.


This may depend on the lack of masters able to make Murano glass discs as spare parts or the lack of willingness to provide them to you.


The actual difficulty of finding the discs as spare parts have greatly reduced the glassworks that operate in this sector.


Fabbrica Lampadari Murano is distinguished by the quality of assistance and quantity of items offered.


On our site you will find any Murano glass spare parts product you may need and in any colour and size.


We provide both individuals and companies such as antique dealers and art galleries with spare parts for contemporary design chandeliers made of Murano glass discs, which can also be traced back to the production of glassworks failed or closed and clearly for objects of all ages.

You can find the best prices only from us.


Thanks to our website today you can get all the spare parts in Murano glass for both chandeliers and mirrors that you can imagine, of any model and brand and any era.

United States, Japan, Moscow or Arab Emirates, Hong Kong or New Delhi: we ship worldwide.

Most shipments of these Murano glass parts travel by air, which allows you to receive the desired goods in a short time, as well as effectively halving both waiting times and costs.

At the same time are completely eliminated the risks of having to throw a precious chandelier or Venetian mirror.


Anyone who cherishes the memories of a Murano chandelier or a Venetian mirror inherited during a trip many years ago is aware of how important it is to see it in place every day.


They are almost paradoxical emotions but all this improves the quality of life by making you relive pleasant situations.


From Murano chandeliers factory you can find all the spare parts for both Venetian mirrors and chandeliers, and if by chance you do not find what you are looking for, contact us within 24 / H we will send you a personalized quote and free.