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The Murano chandeliers offered on this website have quality as their main characteristic.

We will go into the details of size, colors and number of lights, which are the determining elements in choosing your Murano chandelier.

In this case, the Murano chandelier must have the features you want in order to fit perfectly into its home, and most importantly with your taste.

Our work must integrate perfectly with your home environment by proposing the most appropriate colors and sizing the Murano chandelier to the room where it will hang.

Simplifying, we at Fabbrica Lampadari Murano srl do this job: custom chandeliers the way you want them, perfect for your home.

Murano chandeliers are synonymous with color and light, when used as light sources the glow of the bulb filtered through Murano glass brings out the magnificent colors and designs. 

In many cases, the design is further projected onto the walls and ceiling, giving a beautiful, soft illumination to the room and a unique atmosphere.

 Murano chandeliers are accompanied by table lamps, lampshades, floor lamps, wall sconces and wall lamps, pendant lamps and lumetti.


It is worth mentioning that each Murano chandelier is handmade in keeping with the 'authentic tradition of glass blowing through techniques handed down for centuries. 

Each Murano chandelier is a unique work of art, and although glass masters try to make pieces as identical as possible, no two are alike.