Modern Murano glass chandeliers

The Murano glass chandelier models, in line with our aesthetic sense, can be defined as suitable for contemporary taste.


Conceived by merging the manual skill of a traditional craft for generations, such as Murano glass blowing, and today's design,


Modern Murano chandeliers create a unique style in the panorama of modern lighting. thanks to the absolutely most varied lines and the most vibrant colours.





Made in multiple colors from Murano glass, emphasizing uniqueness as an identifying feature. 

Modern chandeliers of this type are customisable by choosing the most suitable colours and therefore able to adapt to different ways of furnishing.

If you are looking for a modern and contemporary Murano chandelier by choosing colours, you will make unique any room in your house, for the bedroom or the living room or the hall, you will find the most suitable and perfect for your needs. 

The modern Murano chandeliers in this online shop are the most up to date for contemporary environments absolutely respecting the role of the master of traditional Murano glass. 

When considering the choice of a modern Murano chandelier, we recommend not to pay attention primarily to the general decor of the rooms but, focus on the uniqueness of a Murano glass product by choosing colours to enhance and focus attention.


This synthesis between linear shapes and bright and eccentric colours, gives life to modern Murano chandeliers and to all intents and purposes never boring. In our company philosophy we guarantee and supply spare parts for modern Murano chandeliers also produced by other glassworks.