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Modern Murano glass chandeliers
26 September 2021
The modern Murano chandeliers in this online shop are the most up to date for contemporary environments absolutely respecting the role of the master of traditional Murano glass.....

The Building of Ancient Art: The History of Murano Glass
13 August 2021
Because it is on the island in southern Italy, it has influences not only from Venetian glass styles and Italian art, but is also known to have influences from Asian and Muslim art. The Venetian glass is the foundation of this, with the decorations and patterns coming from ..........

Formia International Murano glass chandeliers: Pergolesi
25 June 2020
Pergolesi - Murano chandeliers by Vetreria Formia International and related spare parts

Old Murano Glass Chandeliers
03 July 2019
We have two chandeliers made over 40 years ago, absolutely beautiful, and unique.