99.81 by Giò Ponti spare parts for Murano chandeliers

99.81 chandeliers by Giò Ponti: vintage and famous Murano spare parts We have selected these blown glass spare parts for vintage Murano chandeliers among the most famous in the history of design. Today we talk about the 99.81 model by Giò Ponti for Venini

Our photographs are strictly non-professional, taken by our
customers before
and after supplying them with the spare parts they needed to make their
as good as new
their beautiful Murano blown glass chandeliers.
These chandeliers are coordinated to the Murano wall lamps
We can supply replacement components that you have broken or damaged for these Murano blown glass chandeliers and return them to their original value.
Murano blown glass chandeliers and restore them to their original value
(so high)
Unfortunately the easiest to break are the arms
made in all colours from transparent to blue to red and all those requested

these spare parts for 99.81 Murano blown glass chandeliers by Giò Ponti

Together with the arms, we also make Murano blown glass spare parts


called cups or bowls, mainly transparent


Together with the arms we also produce Murano blown glass spare parts called cups, mainly transparent in the photo below also the spare part for 99.81 Murano chandeliers designed by Giò Ponti 99.81 called finials, for their position at the end of the chandelier