The Building of Ancient Art: The History of Murano Glass

One of the most ancient pieces of art that is offered for those interested in jewellery or decorations is Murano glass. This particular form of glass originated in the 7th century and now offers some of the finest in various forms of jewellery, art and décor. Understanding the history behind this glass, as well as what is available for your enjoyment is the beginning to understanding even more of this particular form of glass.


Murano glass began to grow into a main form of art in the 7th century on the island of Murano in Venice, Italy. The first pieces of this jewellery and glass were known as a luxurious item among the Romans of the time. By the 10th century, it was one of the most well – known items and was used for trade among those on the island.

From this beginning has been a growth into various forms and decorations that glass creators have used for art and craft.

The culture of Murano glass is one of the finest features that are a part of this work. Because it is on the island in southern Italy, it has influences not only from Venetian glass styles and Italian art, but is also known to have influences from Asian and Muslim art. The Venetian glass is the foundation of this, with the decorations and patterns coming from outside influences for the completed look. From these origins, the glass artwork has grown into specific items used for casual jewellery or speciality items.


The basic influences of Murano glass then grew into the use of specialized items through different centuries. For instance, the 14th century included several who added the glass decorations onto everything from swords to furnaces. As glass making in this region grew, so did the influences for the Murano style, including options such as beads, jewellery, lamps, windows and other forms of decorations that were used in homes and for accessories.

Not only did the Murano glass help to influence several areas of art, but also expanded according to the type of glass that was used. This has led into contemporary ideals for glass making, and ranges from the types of glass used as well as the decorations and patterns that are a part of this craft. For instance, some decorations will use milk glass, which includes a thicker texture and creates a different set of patterns. Others will use crystalline glass or glass with threads of gold to get different textures and looks for the artwork.

For anyone that is looking for a specific luxury item for jewellery or decorations in the home is the ability to enjoy the extravagant patterns and looks of Murano glass. The growth of this item has led through centuries of artwork throughout Italy and has provided several items and accessories with an artistic look. Understanding the various aspects of this glass, as well as how it has developed through cultures and traditions now provides contemporary looks and accents for fashion, decoration or the home.