Why are Murano chandeliers the best?

The Murano chandelier is undoubtedly the most important, famous and, let's face it, desired object of Murano glass production and of the entire lighting world in general. Why a Murano chandelier? First of all, a Murano chandelier is not only ornamental, but above all it interprets the furnishing in a beautiful way. The visible, optical and decorative effect of a Murano glass chandelier, is very evident as soon as you enter the environment in which it is placed.

 It changes a simple furnished room into an elegant and refined environment, enhancing a beautifully furnished place, with chandeliers that are the demonstration, and the product, of centuries of art, tradition, culture of manual skill expressed by master of the square.

Especially today, in an age where the vast majority of production processes are carried out by robots, products that are in every way the same and anonymous, soulless, a Murano chandelier is first and foremost a visual emotion.

not least a Murano chandelier is not a cost, but a valuable investment: if for some reason in the future the owner of one of these handmade chandeliers decides to change furniture, will find antique dealers, auctions or sellers willing to buy them.

 It takes from 3 days to a couple of weeks for a well-decorated Murano chandelier, authentically made by the best blown glass artists using traditional methods handed down from father to son and from master to apprentice for over 1000 years. Most vintage Murano chandeliers are rare and impossible to find outside the Venetian environment. Some very exclusive designs, shapes and colours belong only to a few master glassmakers who still keep the ancient secrets. All these secrets are the basis of the knowledge and craftsmanship (the know how) that make the Murano blown glass chandelier the best in the world.