Venetian mirrors in Murano glass

Venetian mirrors give your room grand Beauty, elegance and sophistication

Venetian mirrors are elegant designs of craft glass mirrors which are very famous for their beauty, elegance, and ability add beauty in any room be it your bathroom, bedroom, dining room, entryway or even the lounge. The mirrors have along history which date back to more than hundreds of years ago and have been used in very many different places ranging from the royal palaces, homes, offices, restaurants to wedding halls. Back in the 16th century they were commonly found in the royal households given that they were very expensive and not common. However, today they are used by all sorts of people since they are more accessible than they were then.


Mirrors have been in existence for quite a long time. The initial reason for mirrors was their ability to reflect your image. With time many inventions have been made on other uses of the mirror making the mirror a paramount part of every person’s life and a common necessity to almost every person. Though today mirrors are used for many varied reasons the most unique and for many reasons probably the most effective usage of the mirror is no doubt the use of wall mirrors for home decor. The mirrors used for home décor come in various designs/styles, sizes, colors, and shapes an attribute that add to the increased use of the mirror for this purpose.


The Venetian mirror style has its origin in the Italian beautiful Venice city hence their name. These mirrors have been crafted from hand blown glass since the Italian renaissance. Venetian mirrors are magnificent master pieces that combine beauty, and elegance in their appearance.

Venetian mirrors come with different designs which are etched into their surface, these mirrors can be used in any room be it bedroom, bathroom, entryway, or dining room and still produce beauty and elegance. Whichever the room you can be sure that these mirrors will give the room a royal look with a wonderful ambience.

The choice range of the mirrors is huge this is because they are available in a variety of Venetian styles. These styles are traditional, modern and contemporary designs. Different sizes and colours are also available. While the traditional designs give a royal look to any room, modern and contemporary designs add fashion and style which really blends well with various types ofinteriors.

With the variety of shapes that the Venetian mirrors come in, it is really possible to choose which one you prefer most and which one fits your interior the best. There are a number of different shapes that are available ranging from regular shapes like rectangular shapes, square shapes and round shapes to rare shapes such as pebble mirror, the shatter mirror or even the multi facet mirror.

Another great quality that these mirrors possess is that they come in different forms. Some are stand alones which make it possible for them to stand on flat surfaces like tables while others can be hun walls or fixed inside wardrobes. Full length mirrors which are crafted to stand on floors are also available. Whether you choose the stand alone Venetian mirror or the one that can be hang the Venetian mirrors give you an additional advantage of being the perfect mirror that needs no other accessories or accent to add on its beauty.

Using Venetian mirrors on furniture

It is also possible to use Venetian mirrors on a different variety of furniture. The furniture range from wardrobes, side tables, dressing tables, door plates, to picture frames. When used on furniture the mirrors enhance the appearance of the furniture making it look good and appealing.

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