All kinds of objects made of Murano glass

Where you will find over 600 objects that can be made in the colour you want


Also a dedicated wedding list service for future brides and grooms

We create, organise and manage your guest list (including wedding lists) for any type of event.

And of course chandeliers, ceiling lights, wall lights and table lamps.

Specifically, how do we organise and manage your wedding list ? Contact us via whatsapp +39 3887364770 we will call you back immediately 

Whatever you wish for on the most beautiful day of your life, make your wedding list by listing all the light points in your beautiful home. The management of individual guests' gift quotas is included and free of charge. In private just for you.

When you need to find a gift idea for a special occasion such as a graduation, birthday or wedding, do you think Murano glass?

 Murano glass whether chandeliers, mirrors or objects are both great gift ideas for a wedding. But how about starting your favourite daughter or granddaughter off with a collection of lovely Murano glass? It may not be something she will understand or appreciate now, but if you give her a few pieces of Murano glass a year she will have a wonderful collection by the time she appreciates it. 

Murano glass chandeliers, Venetian mirrors or decorative objects are all great ideas to accustom your sons or daughters to a taste for the beautiful and the precious.

Murano glass vases or statues of lovers are excellent ideas for the image of your home.

 Murano glass in general and Venetian mirrors today are perfect as gift ideas. Whether you are buying for someone who likes modern or more traditional lines, you will be able to find the perfect gift.

Our Murano glass products range from sumptuous chandeliers to objects and Venetian mirrors.

Speaking of wine glasses, they are modern works of art that will enhance any table and are made to serve and taste wine perfectly. Wine needs to breathe to release its full flavour, and we offer Murano glass wine glasses specifically for each type of wine.

We also have a gift set that includes a Murano glass carafe or decanter for wine or water.

Well known, Murano glass has a wide variety of gift idea lines. From animal figurines, bowls, Christmas ornaments, clocks, lamps, chandeliers, Venetian paperweights and pens you are sure to find a beautiful gift idea for any occasion.

For a christening in honour of a new baby, we have a line of precious and exclusive Murano glass gifts, on the same level as the Murano Glass Lovers for the young spent.

Excellent gift ideas in pure transparent Murano crystal glass. Modern, bold and colourful we have a line of candle holders in all different shapes, designs and colours, beautiful and elegant Murano glass vases.

The Primavera vases and bowls are just one of the new modern collections, bold and breathtaking in their design and colour combinations.

If you are giving a gift, consider Murano glass gift ideas as objects that increase in value over time.


Your wedding list from the world of Murano glass directly to your home

At a wedding, invited guests bring not only good wishes but also many beautiful and unforgettable exclusive gifts.

In this way, Fabbrica lampadari Murano provides you with an online service available in five languages (Italian English French German Spanish) depending on the nationality of the individual guest, totally free of charge and personalised for your event.In this way, we maintain the wedding list tradition: the bride and groom enter their wishes, i.e. concrete objects, Murano chandeliers, Venetian mirrors, and objects such as sculptures, vases, glasses and ornaments that enrich their home and are then delivered to your home

What should we put on the wedding list?

Every wedding list, even if specific and made in the world of Murano glass, is as personal and refined as the bride and groom who draw it up. The optimum is always something useful and beautiful for the home and life together: practical kitchen items and furnishing accessories that make living in pieces that last a lifetime even more enjoyable.

Newlyweds should dare! Not only at the altar but also when drawing up the wedding list! Objects, Murano chandeliers and Venetian mirrors.

So what should we put there?

No need to be moderate: the wedding list should be long, the more items offer more freedom of choice to the guests: Murano glass objects that make our hearts beat faster

So what do we put in it?

No need to be restrained: the wedding list must be long, the more items offer more freedom of choice to guests: Murano glass objects that make our hearts beat faster

Couples must be able to appreciate a wedding gift for a long time: Fabbrica Lampadari Murano is fully capable of fulfilling this ambitious requirement.

Murano glass is known for its exceptional quality and makes life's special moments even more festive and exclusive, capturing the magic of life's most beautiful day and fixing it in memories as vivid as the colours.

Wedding gifts in exquisite Murano glass