Today, antique Murano glass chandeliers are highly sought-after objects of great value, everlasting proof of the great artistic value that Murano glassworking represents. These furnishing accessories were a privilege of the European courts and thanks to their strong decorative value they inevitably illuminated the important rooms of the most sumptuous residences.




The working and colouring techniques that a Murano glass master must know and master are undoubtedly many, and when it comes to light and colour, the precision in the choice of times and materials must be absolute. Little difference in the quantity used and in the quality of the materials chosen can make the difference between a homogeneous product and one that is qualitatively at the level of expectations or a piece to be discarded, in this, the Murano glass master is his own greatest critic, guaranteeing great quality.




The handcrafted nature of each piece makes it unique, this is even more noticeable in chandeliers being very complex objects.


In the oldest Murano glass chandeliers, the points of light are upwards and the cups are low, this allowed the candles to spread the light in a direct way and to avoid the hot wax dripping on the floors.


In newer chandeliers, the light points can be turned downwards and the cups, which no longer have to hold candles but bulbs, can be larger.


Whether chandeliers from the Victorian era or later, these luxurious works of art are, in any case, evidence of the centuries-old tradition still carried on today.