Murano chandeliers| The best interior design fixture

The most obvious reason why people choose to add Murano chandeliers to their rooms is that these chandeliers help to add an extra dimension of height to the room and, of course, are also very functional and beautiful. There is no doubt that adding these Murano chandeliers to a room helps to create a refined effect as the Murano chandelier is certainly a very exclusive fixture.


This is certainly reason enough to add a Murano chandelier that can be used in different places from the living room to the bedroom or the kitchen. 

For those who wish to add a beautiful Murano chandelier to a room, it is necessary to complement the modern or classic design of the furniture. Fortunately, we produce many models in different styles, such as modern, contemporary, classic, artdeco, and 18th century or imperial.


Furthermore, a Murano chandelier should be asked for the right size because we make them exactly how you need them and how they look best in the room or in an area within a house.

We also make wall sconces, floor and floor lamps, table and desk lamps, and even ceiling lights all matching Murano chandeliers.


Before choosing a crystal chandelier, it is necessary to carefully observe its width, which is the most important consideration for finding the right size. In other words, you need to consider the diameter of the chandelier, measured as the outermost point of the chandelier and the widest part of the sconce.


An easy way to deduce what the size and width of your crystal chandelier should be is to add up the length and width of a room and then calculate a width that is the sum of the length and width of that room. So, if your room measures three metres by three metres, you will need to add up these measurements and get a figure of two metres and then use this figure to determine the right size of your crystal chandelier.


It is also important to choose the right length of your crystal chandeliers, and for this you should consider the distance from the ceiling to the floor. Of course, if you plan to hang the chandelier in a dining room, you should measure the distance from the ceiling to the height of the table, not from the floor. 

You should also pay special attention to choosing a chain of the right length and strong enough to support the chandelier. In summary, you can choose the right crystal chandeliers by calculating the right size for a room, and you must also make sure that they have enough bulbs to light the room properly. 

Another key element of the crystal chandelier is the chain, which must be of adequate length and sufficiently strong. Finally, when choosing crystal chandeliers, it is good to consider their ability to properly illuminate the room. This means choosing a sufficient number of bulbs to properly illuminate everything in the room.