Murano glass wall lamps: the appliques

Decorate your walls with beautiful Murano glass wall lamps



red murano glass wall lamps


Tradition: blown Murano glass chandeliers directly from the furnace. We make chandeliers of any color and size also of other glassworks production

Opal murano glass Wall Lamps


How to order wall lights for your Murano glass chandelier?


Take a picture of your chandelier and we will send you a quote and pictures of the matching wall lamps.

white Murano glass wall lamp


The Murano glass wall lamp is the natural evolution and complement of the Murano glass chandelier.

Wherever, in fact, the solution of the chandelier is stylistically or logistically unsuitable, the use of Murano glass wall sconce or wall lamp guarantees a choice of style without compromise, greatly expanding the range of applications.


To wisely distribute the light points inside a house is an art and above all a job to be done in a professional way.

The qualitative and quantitative distribution of "light", i.e. the lumens required for optimum illumination to make living in a room a pleasure, complements the colours and shapes defined by the building's design.

 the colours and shapes defined by the architect during the lighting study.


The right choice of lighting points guarantees the correct harmony of the house, for example by illuminating areas with soft light or by highlighting furnishing accessories, furniture or architectural features characterising the living spaces. 

The study of light as an element of style has made great strides in recent decades, leading to the emergence of architects specialising in the complexities of lighting spaces.

Together with the masters of Murano glass, architects specialising in lighting technology create spectacular colour atmospheres by exploiting the colours, flexibility and specific properties of light combined with glass.

Whether you need direct light, coming from above, or indirect light, coming from below, diffused or soft light with Murano glass wall lamps you will find the right solution to your needs: sending us the map of the house we will realize for you free the study of all the necessary lighting points.

Whatever the need for furniture, lighting or stylistic integration, the evolution in the art of Murano glass has created avant-garde solutions classic, modern or contemporary and Murano glass wall lamps retain all the peculiarities of uniqueness and luxury typical of this centuries-old art created by the masters of Murano glass with their amazing craftsmanship.

Thanks to the artistic flair of the Murano glass masters and their refined creative technique, you can choose the types of wall lamps and wall sconces that best suit your personal style, having the certainty of a remarkable furnishing result.