Murano classic chandeliers:  the tradition

classic Murano chandeliers in blown glass





Tradition: blown Murano glass chandeliers directly from the furnace. We make chandeliers of any color and size also of other glassworks production

Wall Lamps


ceiling lamps


Murano glass made with bright and vivid colors

Customizable shapes, sizes and colors

Spare parts also available for production models of other glassworks


Let yourself be accompanied through the Venetian streets meeting on your way the small "botteghe" of Murano glass craftsmanship permeated with all their culture and tradition handed down for centuries from father to son.

This is the showcase of many of those shops selling only Murano artistic glass, where you can browse among Murano glass chandeliers, wall lamps and wall sconces, Murano glass desk lamps, Venetian glass lamps that will satiate your taste buds. 

you will find modern contemporary and classic Murano glass chandeliers that will satiate your desire for culture. And if you want to make your own one of these expressions of art, in this online shop you can make your purchase ...

homage to the experimental Murano glass station

The Experimental Glass Station is a public and economic research body, authorized to operate as a Notified Laboratory at the European Commission for the certification of Murano glass products.

It has been operating since 1956 in Murano in the premises made available by the

Municipality of Venice and is the only body that deals with

institutionally in Italy of technical and scientific research problems

of the entire glass industry.

It performs the function of transferring research results,

developed independently and in collaboration with others

Italian and foreign centres and universities,

to the practical industrial application of the results achieved.

Since 2000 it has had further laboratories at the Science and Technology Park of Venice-Marghera.

The Marghera site of about 750 square metres houses the following laboratories

test on building glass and the mobile laboratory for investigations


The Glass Experimental Station, together with seven other institutes

of as many different product sectors,

operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Production Activities.

The activity of the Murano Glass Experimental Station is divided into two main areas of activity: technical assistance and industrial research and promotion.

The equipment supplied, the experience and training of the personnel,

the availability of mobile laboratories have been designed

to be able to intervene in a timely manner

to make the potential for intervention immediately operational and to provide concrete and rapid answers to the questions posed by companies.

The Glass Experimental Station is the holder of 6 Italian patents

For the measurement of the temperature of preheated air and gases of

combustion in glass furnaces, Glass melting and treatment complex, and related production method for glass processing companies.

Founded on 30 May 1945 to represent and protect the interests of its members, to promote aggregation and be a fertile ground for the development of new and existing businesses, the Unione degli Industriali della Provincia di Venezia is the largest association of businesses in the area.

Observing the territory and understanding its needs makes it possible to promote qualified and innovative projects through which companies can improve their position in the market. The effectiveness of this action of ours and the results obtained are measured every day in the companies, experimenting the security given by being protected by a serious and efficient organization, which sets as a constraint and primary value the satisfaction of the needs of the companies.