Little roses:the complete chandeliers

Ceiling chandeliers  wall lamps composed and complete of Little roses in blown Murano glass

Seem obvious, but all our glasses for this type of product are blown ONLY on the island of Murano and are suitable for chandeliers and Venetian mirrors and mirrors Below are some models of chandeliers and ceiling lights complete and customizable by color and size

little roses murano chandeliers transparent with gold dust


Spare parts available

Little Roses Murano ceiling lamp

Little roses ceiling lamp or wall lamp with rosettes, in Murano blown glass, crystal with gold dust.


Optionally available in various colors and sizes


Diameter options:


Diameter 40 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm,  70 cm & wall lamp 


Measurements on request on 17/05/2021 : Up to 330 cm


Electrical part, bulb holder, suitable for the country to which they will be sent


Color options: all



Rosette wall lamp and ceiling lamp in Murano glass

494,00 €

  • Always in stock
  • Shipped within 48 hours1

Roxette, Applique, wall lamp, with gold crystal rosettes

Applique, wall lamp with rosettes in Murano blown glass crystal with gold dust.


A lamp holder E14, standard CE




Width 21 cm

Height 25 cm


Available colors: all


Roxette, Applique, wall lamp, with gold crystal rosettes

128,00 €

  • Always in stock
  • Shipped within 8-10 days1

ROSETTE | Small modular Murano glass objects in the shape of flowers |


The Murano glass rosettes are combined with each other in the most varied shapes creating ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table lamps and chandeliers.


These objects are composed of dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of delicate Murano blown glass rosettes in the most imaginative shapes.


 The light that passes through the rosettes is transformed by the colours and movements of the glass of each individual flower, creating unique lighting effects.


The art of Murano glass is ancient and always gives us great emotions, used by the greatest designers in the world to enrich environments with style and with an eye to the culture that these works handed down.

Each flower that makes up a Rosetta chandelier is a work in itself, handmade, the result of a superfine craftsmanship, have an essential characteristic: they are always different from each other.

When you hold one of these splendid Murano glass roses in your hand, for example when you buy a spare part for a chandelier or a ceiling lamp, you will understand that it is a jewel.


Light passes through Murano glass in a characteristic way, making it perfect for light points.

 The compositions made by Rosette often have geometric shapes, spheres, semi-spheres, ovals, and are perfect for modern decorating with a nod to tradition.

Flowers were one of the fundamental subjects of art nouveau and liberty style and are often used as a complement to the renowned Venetian mirrors, they are therefore an icon of made in Italy.

The working of Murano glass is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the strong points of these products; the craftsmanship has been handed down from generation to generation since the Middle Ages, enriching itself with technique and inspiration year after year, century after century.

 The experience of the apprentice glassmaker in the glassworks is fundamental, as it is practice that forges the glass artist, engaging him or her for several years before being able to master all the techniques.

Glass is a difficult material to work with, remaining malleable for a few tens of seconds, the craftsman must be fast and precise in his movements, an error leads to throwing away a work and starting again.


The illuminating objects made with Rosettes are an attractive choice to light up your home, they can be customised in terms of colour and size but above all they characterise your style.


A Murano glass object maintains its value over time and gives richness and history to any environment


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