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Murano chandeliers Factory presents unique collections of handcrafted Murano blown glass art, a type of work that represents two thousand years of Venetian art and tradition. The prestigious furnaces on the island of Murano, Venice, Italy, create unique objects of lighting and decoration that are distinguished by the technique and originality of the workmanship used.

The objects of art proposed in this online shop are all precious objects that enhance any interior, no matter how impressive or sophisticated. They can take pride of place but also blend seamlessly with the overall tone of the background. Murano glass is worked in a variety of ways, from the simplest to the most daring. In short, we offer very varied artistic collections, a spectacle of creativity and innovation that also pays great homage to tradition.

Murano chandeliers Factory employs the services of a team of lighting specialists, as well as architects and home decorators. All our consultants are experts in residential and commercial design on any scale.

Our consultants will help you through this online shop, most effectively in selecting the perfect Murano chandelier or Venetian mirror to suit your particular needs: from table lighting, lamps, wall lights and chandeliers to custom residential and commercial lighting. We also offer exquisitely designed Murano glass tiles that can be used to create the most bespoke and fascinating partitions, ceilings, sliding doors and traditional doors. With our comprehensive knowledge and experience in Murano glass products, we offer our customers the opportunity to use Murano glass in the creation of any custom furniture or interior design item and will manage the production process from start to finish for them.