We produce Murano glass chandeliers

These beautiful, precious, refined Murano glass chandeliers are the centre of the house: order them exactly the colour and size you like.

To give you a better service I would need the following information: type of room (living room, bathroom, bed, etc.) and dimensions (approximate) height included.

you will receive an absolutely free quote within 24/H

Discover with us the most beautiful Murano glass lighting designs in the luxury light category.

What you will find is a world of high-end elegance and excellent craftsmanship that will add a signature design to your home.

These are not just stylistically luxurious Murano glass chandeliers, they are also quality designs and heirlooms to be passed down through generations in your family as high value investments.


We supply only the finest Murano glass lighting from the best masters, and we also pride ourselves on designing and producing large chandeliers to the highest specification.

All the models on this site are customisable in terms of colour, size, number of lights and last but not least in terms of destination: a ceiling chandelier must necessarily have a wall or floor cord.


All of these Murano chandelier designs showcase the craftsmanship of international studios and design teams, together with fine craftsmanship and the use of the finest materials.


We invite you to explore this site or contact us to speak to one of our Murano chandelier and Venetian mirror design experts.