History Of The Enchanting Venetian Mirror

Humans, it seems, have always been interested in their image, making crude mirrors of polished tin and other metals. Eventually, in Europe, glass was poured over polished metal to yield better forms of reflectors. During the medieval period, mirrors were considered a tool of the devil, as it was widely thought that Satan was watching from the other side. Glass mirrors disappeared, leaving people to check their appearance in bowls of water or a polished spoon.

As mirrors came back into fashion in the early 15th century, glassmaking and mirror making was burgeoning in Venice, Italy. Nestled among 117 sister islands in the canals of Venice, lies Murano, the birthplace of the famed Venetian Mirror. Murano, in the 15th century was known throughout Europe, for its high quality glassware, Venetian elegance, and beauty. Apart from the detailed craftsmanship of the artisans, the beauty of Venetian glass was attributed to the salt content of the ocean water used, the composition of the Italian silica, and the type of flame used for firing. It is said that the local hardwoods produced the perfect flame for producing exquisite glass pieces. Venetian glass makers fiercely guarded their techniques, but eventually crafty artists from France and Germany infiltrated the artist’s society, returning home to practice their new skills. Still, Venetian glass and mirrors remained a coveted and valuable entity, and one of the most costly items one could own, a true status symbol.


Today, over 500 years later, Venetian mirrors are just as beautiful and stylish, adding a tough of elegance to any home. Venetian mirrors reflect light, and project a lovely Venetian atmosphere. When combined with Venetian furniture, jewel toned drapes and tapestries, and plastered walls, a well-placed Venetian mirror can transform one’s home into a Venetian Renaissance villa. Venetian mirrors can be found in a multitude of styles, from art deco in appearance to those appearing to have been plucked straight from a wealthy Medici Venetian style home in 15th century Italy.