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Insights into Murano glass

Quality as a distinguishing element of our Murano glass: when the blown glass element must have the characteristics desired by the customer otherwise it will not fit in the house. the absolutely unique colours reflect the creative emotions of the taste of those who design the furniture blending with the environment. the result? A universe made of uniqueness, competence and style. At home

Since the year 1000 Venice has been the centre of excellence of glass manufacturing. On the other hand, its derivation from the Roman one, which developed in nearby Aquileia until

the 5th century.

The production in this period was of poor quality, but in the XIII century it definitely improved, probably thanks to the import of good raw materials from the East. In the last decades of the 1200's and the following century, the glassmaking activities included the manufacture of blown glass for common use, as table and tavern vessels, the preparation of mosaic plates and imitation gems and the decoration of fused enamel glasses.


In this period glass lenses were born, after the production by the Venetian crystal makers of "roidi da ogli", which later, probably in Tuscany, were inserted in a frame to be held over the nose.

 The most important invention of this century was the crystal or crystalline glass, with a purity similar to that of rock crystal, obtained with the use of carefully purified vegetable ashes, the careful choice of the vitrifying agent and an accurate control of fumes during fusion to avoid contamination of the glass mass. Murano glass from the 15th and even more so from the 16th century was requested by the rich bourgeoisie and nobility of Italy and Europe. The processing of pearls, already produced in 1300 by casting on an iron rod, of glass melted in a small LIGHT


Firme di Vetro spa, an international group that included brands such as ITRE, Murano Due, Aureliano Toso, Murano 1938, Gallery Vetri d'Arte and Alt Luci alternative. Synonyms of innovation, research and development, globalisation and synergy are the new values of the Firme di Vetro group today.