We make Murano glass wedding lists

Wedding lists consisting of chandeliers objects lamps furnishing accessories and Venetian mirrors

we make personalised Murano glass objects and chandeliers to make your wedding list unique

When you need to find a gift idea for a special occasion such as a graduation, birthday or wedding do you think of Murano glass?


 Murano glass whether chandeliers, mirrors or objects are both great gift ideas for a wedding. But how about starting your favourite daughter or granddaughter off with a collection of lovely Murano glass? It may not be something she will understand or appreciate now, but if you give her a few pieces of Murano glass a year she will have a wonderful collection by the time she appreciates it. 


Murano glass chandeliers, Venetian mirrors or decorative objects are all great ideas for getting your sons or daughters used to a taste for the beautiful and precious.


Murano glass vases or statues of Lovers are excellent ideas for the image of your home.


 Murano glass in general and today's Venetian mirrors are perfect as gift ideas. Whether you are buying for someone who likes modern lines or more traditional ones, you will be able to find the perfect gift.


Our Murano glass products range from sumptuous chandeliers to objects and finally to Venetian mirrors.

Speaking of wine glasses, they are modern works of art that will enhance any table and are made to serve and taste wine perfectly. Wine needs to breathe to release its full flavour, and we offer Murano glassware specifically for each type of wine. We also have a gift set that includes a Murano glass wine carafe or decanter.


Well known, Murano glass has a wide variety of gift idea lines. From animal figurines, bowls, Christmas ornaments, clocks, lamps, chandeliers, Venetian paperweights and pens you will surely be able to find a nice gift idea for any occasion.



For a christening in honour of a new baby we have a line of precious and exclusive Murano glass gifts, on the same level as the Murano glass Lovers for young people spent.



Excellent gift ideas in pure Murano glass transparent crystal. Modern, bold and colourful we have a line of candle holders in all different shapes, designs and colours, beautiful and elegant Murano glass vases.

The Primavera vases and bowls are just one of the new modern collections, bold and breathtaking in their design and colour combinations.


If you have to give a gift, consider Murano glass gift ideas as objects that increase in value over time.