Spare parts for Murano glass chandeliers

we supply spare parts for custom Murano chandeliers

Chandeliers parts

Spare parts for Venetian Murano chandeliers in blown glass also for the production of other glassworks:

Low Leaves, High Leaves, Flowers, Holsters , Arms, Finals, Cups and bobeches, Arch,

Assembly instructions, balls, bells,bows, bushing, crown, disks, drops, rosettes, holsters, bats, central, balls and bowls, cups or bobeches

Replacement chandelier parts


Flowers & Leafs


these objects are placed in the holes of the disc and embellish the central part of the chandelier.

Cups Finals Spheres


the cups are glass diffusers that cover the light source and are parts of chandeliers



The glass holster covers the aluminium lining inside which the electrical connections are made.

Murano glass categories segmented by product destination

Murano glass has developed over the years a very rich productive articulation that ranges in all forms of glass.

Generally speaking, Murano glass, though diversified

both qualitatively and functionally,

 always have a common matrix in the orientation towards a product that has a certain artistic content to varying degrees:

the more properly "repetitive" articles have in fact a much lesser weight

in Murano glass and do not alter the general orientation of the sector which is identified in small series and, at the limit, in the single piece.

The machines necessary for the production process are only

melting furnaces and "muffles" those for annealing the finished product.

 Automated processes are very limited and in any case do not affect a production that is mainly characterised by the manual skill and competence of man.

In extreme synthesis and for practicality, Murano glass is divided into the following categories as follows:


First processing glass

Lighting articles

Engraved glass

Decorated glass

Decorated glass for acid-etching

Decorated glass for sandblasting

Ground glass

Murrine processing



Laminated glass